Email Delivery & Scalability

managed for your business!


Create beautiful newsletters & emails using inbuilt WYSIWYG editor.


Manage your subscribers with unlimited email lists & segments.


Send your campaigns with your own dedicated IPs, SPF & DKIM.


Track who opened or clicked your emails, bounces, spam and more.

Why Choose Dedicated SMTP Servers for Email Marketing?

Dedicated SMTP Servers offer highest levels of deliverability, performance and reliability when it comes to email marketing campaigns. Your IP's reputation and email campaigns do not get hurt by any other senders and you achieve highest possible inbox delivery with much lesser costs.

Proven highest deliverability rates in the industry will increase engagement and boost revenue.

Get the clearest picture possible of what happens to your email with our real-time metrics.

Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team for performance and scalability.

A Complete Email Marketing Solution For Your Organization

All the tools you need to send emails the right way!


Authenticate your outgoing email campaigns with SPF, DKIM and DMARC for best inbox delivery.

Dedicated IP Address

With each server you get dedicated and rotational IPv4 & IPv6 addresses to ensure higher inbox delivery.

IP & Domain Rotation

Each ISP limits the no. of emails accepted through an IP or domain. Overcome these limits and prevent blacklisting.

Auto Bounce Handling

Remove all the invalid emails from your database and auto clean your email lists with auto bounce handling.

Per ISP Delivery Optimization

Optimize your email campaign delivery to all the ISPs according to their bulk email sending guidelines.

FBL & Spam Complaints

Auto remove all unhappy customers who report spam with feedback loops processing.

No Bandwidth Caps

Don't worry about your bills with unlimited amount of email traffic through your dedicated servers.

Become Your Own ESP

Monetize your dedicated smtp servers with our white-labeled customer management platform.

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